SendGB Exceed 1TB

With SendGB, you can easily send files up to 1 TB without signing up!

You can upload files up to 50 GB / 200 GB / 1 TB immediately by paying only €2.99 / €4.99 / €9.99 or within 1 month after payment.

We will send a link to the email address you will write below. This link will only be active for 1 month. Using this link, you can transfer files up to 1 TB within 1 month. You only have one file transfer right for each payment made.

When sending a large file, if you are going to send more than one file, we recommend that you zip all your files and send them as a single file. Thus, faster and more stable upload and download will be possible.

Your upload speed is important when transferring large files. Your upload time varies depending on your upload speed. For example, if your upload speed is 5 Mbps, the upload time of a 50 GB file will be approximately 22 hours.

Please do not use this link if you will be sending files up to 5GB. Remember, you can always send files up to 5GB for free.

For detailed information, you can visit our SendGB Exceed page. Click for details.




SendGB Exceed 1TB €9.99
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TOTAL 9.99



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